Online scan professionals for in Finance (van controller tot CFO)

We measure the actual professional strength and potential of your colleague, your team, your candidate or yourself. Does a candidate really know the field or miss that last necessary touch? A distinction that does not show up from a level of education or a CV but is very objectively revealed via the scan. A difference which also helps all parties involved reach the right choices. Choices concerning where someone will eventually fit or not, or what to look out for when filling in the next vacancy.
We kunnen aantonen of een kandidaat meer Financial Control georiënteerd is, dan wel beter past in en rol als business partner. En we tonen aan waar de kandidaat staat t.o.v. duizenden Finance professionals wereldwijd.

We detect whether a candidate leans more heavily towards financial control or would be better suited in a role as business partner. We also reveal where that person stands benchmarked against thousands of professionals in Finance worldwide.

The scans are based on hundreds of development assessments carried out worldwide on professionals in the world of Finance (more on this elsewhere on the site), combined with the decades of international CFO / CEO experience of the developers. We found and developed a set of highly distinctive questions and answers. There are several answers possible for most of the questions, but the nuance is of great important. It is only through authentic professional strength that a candidate can distinguish between answers that are fully correct or just off the mark. The candidate divides 5 points over the answers, showing his/her subject-specific strength through the weight awarded to the various answers, indicating also an affinity towards either Financial Control or Business Control. In absolute terms, but also compared to thousands of candidates worldwide.

We have different levels for different target groups.

Graduate / starting in the labor market:  available in Dutch / English

Controller / Manager: available in Dutch/English/French

CFO: available in Dutch / English

Pure subject-specific thinking power of course does not say everything about a person, but after examining thousands of candidates, we can safely state that the scan shows sharply and accurately how strong someone is in that area. Depending on the situation, customers may or may not combine the online scan with a complementary personal characteristic test. More information on this complementary personality test to be found elsewhere on this site.


In general, and most logically, the test is used for:

  • the initial filtering of candidates (recruitment)
  • an objective safety check on the last 2 or 3 candidates (recruitment) for permanent or interim positions
  • measuring a department (everyone in the right place, complementary to each other, etc.)
  • identifying talent in integration / acquisition processes
  • Objectivizing, in the broadest sense of the word, the strengths of professionals in Finance
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We measure the actual subject-matter strength and potential of your colleague, team, candidate and your own.