As a general rule, we do not sell individual scans without also providing professional feedback and interpreting the results within the context. We try to avoid a candidate taking a scan without also having the appropriate feedback conversation, either with us or with you.

Depending on the context and the amount of scans, the pricing for a scan with feedback to you (and not also to the candidate) is between €300 and €500. The price per scan decreases if you use the tools more frequently and can interpret them yourself.

Most of our clients however also request that we provide the candidate with feedback and contextual interpretation of the results. And subsequently share the results plus a summary of the feedback interview with the client. This is what we call the LIGHT assessment. The price is then increased for the extra service.

The most common broader and deeper development assessments (with more elements such as, for example, an in-depth interview, personality analysis, context, purpose, multiple assessors, live rather than via MS Teams, a deeper business case, etc.) range from Euro 1850 to Euro 3250.

You can request our detailed pricing table by mailing