CFO assessments

We see the large number of CFO assessments we conduct, as the market’s ultimate recognition of our expertise.

We work in this area primarily for recruiters, CFO associations and Private Equity investors. We also have business partners (mostly recruiters as well) who carry out their own CFO assessments using our tools. We then often discuss the conclusions with the recruiter.

We also see CFOs approach us privately, merely as personal point of reflection.

Just as for controllers, our CFO database (with the results of the professional scans) is significant in numbers and variety and provides a powerful and effective tool for comparison, both for us and for our business partners.

Depending on the inquiry, the initial interpretation via the scans is followed by an “open-question business case” (with extra focus on the elements that stood out in the scan results), in-depth interviews and analysis on the personality side. You can read more on the many varieties under the heading: Development assessments.