Guided self-reflection: where do I fit in?

Many stood up to the challenge and applied for a Development Assessment for themselves, at their own expense or via their employer. In 95% of the cases the reaction was: “What a gift, now I understand “.

We determine, with full objectivity, the actual strengths of the candidate. No courtesies or beating around the bush: real facts. What are the strengths, what is the potential, both on a professional and on a human perspective. Where does the candidate best come into his own? Which pitfalls and areas of development should we keep in mind?
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We have seen hundreds of people worldwide. Every single time we have been able to demonstrate, with utter clarity, where the person in question actually stood and where he/she would best fit in, and why.

At the same time, we cannot help but be surprised by how few real moments of self-reflection candidates have (on average) in their careers. Courses follow courses, the CV is polished again and again. Surprised again by how rapidly people integrate positions that do not suit them and how keeping your job is considered more important than looking for a place where you as a professional can reach your full potential and be fulfilled as a human being.

While looking in the mirror with us during your during your Development Assessment, you may be yourself, in all integrity. We show you who you are, as a professional in Finance, what is in store for you, how you can get there and is this actually what you want and need to be happy?

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We measure the actual subject-matter strength and potential of your colleague, team, candidate and your own.