Department evaluation: how strong are we? Untapped potential revealed.

We can determine with surprising objectivity and candidness the strength of your team. Are the colleagues’ areas of strength best suited to the positions they occupy? Are there talents there you had not noticed before? Shall we represent in concrete terms, your gut feeling about certain colleagues?

We reveal the strengths, individual and team-wide, compared to thousands of other professionals in Finance worldwide. At your request, we can link individual interviews and an eye-opening workshop to the mapping of the team.

We have seen thousands of people through the subject-specific Online Scan and hundreds of professionals through the Development Assessment. Sometimes, in addition to the professional side, we get a strong view of the human side too through the complementary tool. We distinguish ourselves from other potential suppliers by our concrete objectification of the actual professional skills in the financial field. No generic IQ tests but actual insights in the field, where we can objectively see who really understands the subject matter and who just misses the mark. We do this at times via an online reflection, at others through face-to-face Development Assessments – but always focusing on the genuine understanding of the candidate’s talent and potential.

We have carried out the Development Assessment in many countries and for many nationalities. We have specialized in the professional skills of Financials, with emphasis on the very different characteristics and strengths that distinguish Financial Control from Business Control.

We measure the actual subject-matter strength and potential of your colleague, team, candidate and your own.