Assistance in your Recruiting Process: a no-brainer

We objectify the strength of professionals in Finance in such a clear way that different organizations are now using our standard in the recruitment process. Organizations on the one hand and recruiters on the other.

Using the online scan (more on it further on in the website), organizations themselves can filter applicants online. Absolute strength and inclination (financial control, business control, or both) are clearly revealed within 60 minutes and shown in comparison with thousands of professionals having completed the scan in the past. This will help you avoid writing off a strong candidate based on his/her CV, who would not have made it through the first round. And in the same way from spending an inordinate amount of time on a candidate with a strong CV but without the strength or potential for the function.

We also see organizations whose candidates have come via a recruiter, also pass these candidates through the Online Scan, to ensure they are sitting down with the right candidates.

International Headquarters, for example in the Netherlands, who are looking to fill vacancies in their subsidiaries in other countries (for example North and South America) are using the online scan to test the candidates before inviting them over to the Netherlands for a second round of interviews.

Alongside the online scan we witness many companies, national and international, requesting a Development Assessment (more details further on in site) before offering a contract. The Development Assessment not only provides confirmation of the right choice (or not), but importantly also reveals the untapped potential of the candidate, as well as the pitfalls and the ways forward. Basically, a manual on the candidate that makes hiring more effective and limits disappointments.

Ideally an organization would first carry out an online scan of the Finance department and then in the selection process for new colleagues, use the online scan to determine objectively whether the candidate is really the person they are looking for. This brings peace and confidence to both HR and the line manager and protects the organization against over-enthusiastic external recruiters and candidates with strong resumes but low real professional strength.

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We measure the actual subject-matter strength and potential of your colleague, team, candidate and your own.