Check on Quality: interim staff

The process when choosing an interim professional is often easier. It is to be hoped you receive various resumes from different sources. Most suppliers aim to keep their “stock” as empty as possible, your aim is to find the most perfect candidate for the situation. In contrast to the recruitment of permanent colleagues, this interim process often goes fast.

Via the online scan (see elsewhere on this site) we offer you a straightforward tool to determine very quickly (through us), which candidate fits best. The candidate’s results show in effect how strong he/she is financially and whether they are more financial control or business control minded. The results are then plotted against thousands of candidates worldwide and, should you wish so, can be compared with a few of your own colleagues. Seize the chance to see these talents quickly and effectively.

Many of our customers use the online scan for this purpose, bringing efficiency and peace of mind. It also shows that many providers are unaware of the true potential of the interims they provide: quite an eye-opener.

We measure the actual subject-matter strength and potential of your colleague, team, candidate and your own.