We measure the actual subject-matter strength and potential of your colleague, team, candidate and your own. We can detect whether a candidate leans more heavily towards financial control or would be better suited in a role as business partner. We also reveal where that person stands benchmarked against thousands of professionals in Finance worldwide.

We have used the Online Scan to reveal the strengths in the fields of Financial Control and Business Control of thousands of professionals in Finance. For many hundreds, we combined this with a face-to-face Development Assessment that showed their potential (or lack of) and the way forward. Most candidates greeted the conclusions with enthusiasm and felt they had truly been seen by us, as human beings and as professionals in Finance. The most frequently heard reaction after the Development Assessment is: “Finally real insight, thank you for this gift! ”

The founders of www.businesscontroller.nu have developed powerful tools to reveal the actual strengths and potential (or lack thereof) of workers in Finance and more specifically to examine whether their ability lies more on the compliance or the business side. These tools (an Online Scan and a thorough face-to- face Development Assessment) are the core of our market-changing services, based on our radically different insight. Employees and candidates feel they have been properly seen and heard in their field, and employers get a clear insight in the actual potential. Processes around selection, team optimisation, the empowerment of individual colleagues or the focussed deployment of education, acquire with our tools, powerful and concrete pointers which were inconceivable before.


The experts from businesscontroller.nu have developed an array of tools which enable to determine, with surprising accuracy, potential brainpower in the respective subject matters. In our opinion, in the financial world, these tools are more effective than (and in some cases complimentary to) generic knowledge tests, IQ tests and other personality and behavioural tests. We are talking here about substantive brainpower within your discipline. There are already thousands of people worldwide who are looking through the mirror these tools provide, and many clients have experienced the power of their application.

The tools can be applied to various degrees of broadness and depth depending on the client’s needs. The most intensive is the full day face-to-face Development Assessment. Actual potential, (or lack thereof) within the spectrum of financial functions will be revealed in a clear and transparent way, as will what is needed to reach it and the potential obstacles along the way. We have worldwide wonderful examples of assisting in difficult recruitment processes. For those cases, we of course add on a complimentary personality and behavioural test. In the Netherlands, the Development Assessment is mostly used for development processes and team optimisation, but also as final step in the recruitment process.

Based on the worldwide findings (and most significant components) of the subject matter component of the Development Assessments, businesscontroller.nu created an Online Scan in which the subject-area brain-power is measured to astounding results. It is a real no-brainer to have candidates undergo this scan (R&S), and an eye-opener for team optimisation. It becomes clear in no time which people would be better off at another function and where untapped potential lies. It is almost too good to be true – we gladly invite you to take a look yourself through the mirror of our online scan.

The scan is built on 4 levels: Graduates of secondary vocational education, graduates of Universities of applied science, working professionals and CFOs.


Businesscontroller.nu consists of various business partners who are accredited users of the online scan and provide specific professional experts when needed for the face-to-face development assessments, carried out under the supervision of, or via, businesscontroller.nu.

Within the sphere of higher education, businesscontroller.nu gets asked to thoroughly assess and advise the students as well as to give feedback to their course. In 45 minutes we can measure with razor-sharp precision any of your recruits and compare them to our anonymous data base of over 1000 graduates. Meanwhile, businesscontroller.nu also provides feedback to higher education itself and manages organisations in talent management.

One of our strongest points of value is our uncanny capacity to assess in a most effective way if the right person is in the right job (R&S, interim, promotion, team optimisation) as well as assessing if someone would operate with more self-fulfilment and more strength on the compliance or the business side. Sometimes we discover talent (or lack thereof) that no one else had noticed, to the astonishment of both candidate and employer. We have been involved in superb career moves but also in the exposure of a financial director who had bluffed his way in with false credentials and had not yet been found out as no one had ever asked him a question concerning content. (yes, in the USA).

We also give presentations and guest lectures and provide impact training for financials (under the names Impact from Finance, Streetwise Finance and Finance essentials). On an individual level we can get the utmost out of financial workers in order to broaden the connection with the rest of the management team and be fully credible as business partner from finance.


We strive via our tools to increase the success of our direct customers and our business partners with whom we are in reciprocal relationships.

Direct customers:

  • Multinationals (ATOS, De Lage Landen, Miele NL, Nutreco, Meeus Assurantiën, IAK assurantiën, Fiskars)
  • Private Equity (Qbuzz, McGregor Gaastra, Attero, Batavia Biosciences, Rentokil Initial, Octoplus Dr. Ready, Hendrix Genetics, Greenchoice, Maxgrip, 2 Sisters Storteboom, Gran Foods (Gran Italia), SLS, Stahl Chemie, NCOI, PCI Nederland, CWS Boco)
  • Healthcare (‘s-Heeren Loo, Medisch Centrum Maxima, GGD Midden Brabant)
  • Education (ROC West Brabant, Summa College, Scholengroep Almere, RU Leiden, TU Delft, Zadkine)
  • Social: Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, GVB Amsterdam, Sanquine (bloedbank), ADO Den Haag, Stichting MVO

Business partners / clients:

  • Consultancy and Coaching
  • Interim staffing agencies
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Associations of interim CFO’s


The picture that we see together with our partners, is often the same. As consequence of enlargements of scale, SSC’s, computerization and the continuous flow of reorganizations, many (too many) financials end up in a position where they are not at their best. From hospitals and school communities to listed multinationals and Private Equity Funds. Most often there is little interest in the actual potential of financial employees. This potential is what we reveal, via our tools, in a powerful and genuine way. Be it for individuals, or for a team. As a snapshot (the online scan) or accompanied by an in-depth analysis and clear tools for development (day assessment). We examine in all cases the practical subject-matter and we can then filter: filter those who learn by memorising but don’t really get it, from those who may have less of a cv but more strength in the actual area of expertise. A whole world opened in this way to the developers of these tools and to all those who have used it. We bring the candidates security and certainty, most users experience our tools and the complete attention to the individual, as a gift.


For many clients we combine the content-based side of the scan or assessment with a personality and behavioural test. This combination has provided very positive results, and we even work with DISC, Profile dynamics, and the Organic Score card. The latter is the one which provides the most depth, looking, not at the behaviour and the form, but at causes and limitations in the behaviour. In this way we reveal true passion and desires.


The underlying systems and methods, and the experience with our generic financial tools can also be rolled out to other areas of expertise. In collaboration with our partners, we already have BI, Credit Control and generic ICT tests to use and are now working on IFRS.

At this point in time, the Development Assessment and generic scans are available in Dutch, English and French.


We also provide on-demand training to individuals, mostly at the levels of Financial Manager or Financial Director. We have access through our business partners to a lot of experience and a wide selection of training courses.

We measure the actual subject-matter strength and potential of your colleague, team, candidate and your own.