Finding the perfect candidate based on talent, not on track record


Finding the perfect candidate based on talent, not on track record

Fiskars is a listed (Finland) company in premium and luxury consumer goods. Apart the brand Fiskars itself they own famous brands such as Wedgwood, Iittala and Royal Copenhagen. For their Continental Europe office in Rotterdam they were looking for a business controller with strong business and retail focus, but also some financial control skills. In an overheated Dutch labor market they trusted us assessing candidates with talents without proven matching track records. Our recruiting partners (using our tools) found a talented manager applying for the job.  Based on our assessment tools she would be the right fit. Both Fiskars and herself got the right advice (attention points, learning points) to make the hiring a success and to get the candidate surviving the first months and building confidence on both sides.  Looking backwards now almost a year, this hiring and integration process has been one of our most interesting experiences this year 2018.  Hiring based on talent, not on track record. Indeed.  Who dares to hire CV and references only without assessing the level of talent or how to make an hiring successful in the first 6 months?   If you don’t—simply call us.

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